About Topsun

Topsun Marine was founded in Beijing in 2015, who is a comprehensive service provider specializing in earth science observation and measurement systems. Adhering to the concept of "simplicity, efficiency and pursuit of excellence", the company is deeply committed to the field of earth science observation and ocean survey, and determined to discover, understand and change the world for mankind, and provide scientific observation and measurement data, so as to build a better future world.
At present, the company headquarters set up in ningbo, Beijing, shenzhen, chengdu, Hong Kong have offices.

Topsun Marine concentrates on equipment application, system integration, product development and technical services. We hope to provide users with complete equipment and technical services through experienced, physically and mentally strong, capable and excellent team. At the same time, we will share with the world the technological progress in the field of earth science observation and measurement, and build a better world for human beings.


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