About Topsun

Logo Understanding

1、 the universal world view that aims to "base on the world and view the world" with the shape of circle;

2、the color difference ratio of blue means that the ocean accounts for 71% of the earth and the land 29% of the earth;

3、 the horizontal and vertical stripes of the rules represent a "vertical crossing" management system advocated by the company;

4、 the small square formed by horizontal and vertical cross represents each member of the company, continuously absorbing and introducing talents, and gradually expanding;

5、 the dividing line of the arc represents the interdependence and transformation of things, and warns against arrogance and rashness and perseverance;

6)、the dividing line evenly divides the sphere, indicating the respect for the balance of nature, seeking the balance of all things, harmonious coexistence.

Company mission
Creating a Better Life for Human Beings
We always insist on improving the quality of products and services through technological innovation, so as to contribute to mankind, improve the quality of human life, and promote a more comfortable, relaxed and better human life.
We strive to practice the belief of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders and creating wealth for society", and strive unremittingly to create harmonious living space and realize great ideals.
Core values
People-oriented: everyone is a talented person; respect ability, provide opportunities; return and contribution match; lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational Pursuit: Rather slow one step, two steps, not half step wrong; Pursue sustainable development; Solve problems in development.
Change and innovation: dare to self-denial, self-motivation; dare to try, continuous improvement; pursue excellence, unwilling to commonplace.
Authorized management: highly unified responsibilities and rights; full authorization, strict supervision; hierarchical decentralization, results-oriented.
Collaboration and sharing: mutual trust, initiative to assume responsibility; communication and cooperation, complementary coordination; value-oriented, benefit-sharing.

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