The SeaPILOT 300KHz/600KHz/1200KHz models are RTI’s most versatile DVLs. They use RTI’s acoustic Doppler Piston (DP) technology and are well suited for navigation applications in shallow water or in deep water, down to 6000m. The SeaPILOT’s compact size, extended range, and precision make it an ideal solution for ROVs, AUVs, and other submersible platforms.

The product comes in 3 different frequencies (300KHz, 600Khz, and 1200KHz) all configured with Doppler Piston transducers, and is available in different depth package options.

The SeaPILOT ADCP’s are well suited for a variety of navigation and vehicle control system applications including

  • Subsea & Surface vessel navigation

  • Closed-loop control for vessel station-keeping

  • Velocity-aiding of inertial navigation systems

  • Towed vehicle along/across-track velocity measurements


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