Chesapeake's flagship product for real-time mosaics is currently being offered as an option to SonarWiz customers who require real-time mosaic capabilities in an easy to use and affordable package. Also provides complete post processing capabilities. Features include automatic gain control, TVG, beam angle correction integrated bottom tracker and navigation editor. Complete post-processing functions included too. 




SonarWiz.MAP +SBP
SonarWiz.MAP has become the industry standard product for rapidly producing sidescan sonar mosaics in both real-time and post-processing. Now, the same great user interface can be applied to high-resolution sub-bottom data acquisition and processing.




16-bit SEG-Y sub-bottom data acquisition
SonarWiz.SBP offers single  channel sub-bottom profiler data acquisition for most analog sub-bottom profilers.  Features include built-in deep water delay, SEG-Y recording, NMEA and custom navigation interfaces.

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